Fiber Optic Broadband

Increasing Internet speed with fiber optic broadband options

In the new global economy, access to fiber optic broadband has become essential to business, education, and community economic prosperity. Expanded access to high-speed Internet generates major economic growth and rapid job creation. High-speed connections accelerate business development by providing new opportunities for innovation, expansion, e-commerce and education.

We are fortunate in Franklin County to have service providers that have connected many of our area businesses, manufacturers, schools, and government offices to high-speed communication services and are continually expanding services throughout the county. Homes can take advantage of these connections too.

Contact any of the providers listed below to learn more about the availability in your area. 





Fiber optic providers

   • Clearwave  /

   • Futiva /

   • Mediacom /

   • NewWave /

Cable internet providers

   • Mediacom /

   • NewWave /

DSL providers

   • Frontier /